Pot sells out online in Winnipeg, lineups grow outside stores


Customers looking to buy pot online at one retailer in Winnipeg were out of luck as of early last night – but more is on the way Wednesday morning.

Winnipeg cannabis store, Delta 9, showed on its website at 4 a.m. Wednesday that marijuana products were completely sold out.

One would-be pot customer told Global News they tried to purchase pot at 12:01 a.m. from the business but found most strains were sold out already.

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The store had 100 orders in the first minute, said Gary Symons, Delta 9’s communications director, and they sold $50,000 worth of product in the first hour.

They hope to have more product available for sale on the website at about 8:30 a.m., said Symons.

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In the meantime, the store has 110,000 grams of cannabis available for sale at their storefront.

Delta 9’s partnering delivery service, Pineapple Express, shows on its website delays of several hours to have cannabis products delivered in Winnipeg.

Symons said the delivery service will start at 1 p.m. and he’s hoping everyone will get their product today.

Molly Karp at Tokyo Smoke.

Molly Karp at Tokyo Smoke.

Lauren McNabb/Global News

Molly Karp over at Tokyo Smoke said the store doesn’t have all the product they were hoping for in yet.

“We have different cannabis strains ranging from than $9 to that $16 range. But in the coming months here, we’re really hoping to get a lot more in just as everything kind of ramps up here.”

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Lacy Norton, VP of retail for Tokyo Smoke said they hope to have about 150 different types of product eventually, and said the lowest priced cannabis in store at the moment is $7.

“The team is set and ready. We have been preparing for quite a few months now,” she told 680 CJOB Wednesday morning.

“We do have a lot of product cards up. We’ve placed orders for all of the product that is on display currently, we’re just waiting for those orders to get shipped and arrive in store.”

As the hour drew closer to opening for most stores, the lineups grew as well.

People of all ages were in line at Delta 9 Wednesday morning.

People line up outside Delta 9 in Winnipeg Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018.

People line up outside Delta 9 in Winnipeg Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018.

Lauren McNabb/Global News

-With files from Lauren McNabb


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