White Lion To Be Auctioned Off To Trophy Hunters


White lions are rare with less than 300 remaining in the world. Mufasa is a beautiful male, white lion located in South Africa. He was rescued as a cub and brought to a wildlife rehabilitation center. However, three years later he now faces being sold to the highest bidder.

Mufasa was confiscated by law enforcement as a cub and brought to the wildlife rehabilitation center to be cared for. Shortly after he arrived, the center took in a female cub, named Suraya, to be his companion. The two have grown up together for the past three years. They are inseparable.

Photo: Facebook/Mufasa the White Lion

Photo: Facebook/Mufasa the White Lion


Recently, a sanctuary offered to take both Mufasa and Suraya and would keep them together for the rest of their natural lives, free of charge. This sounds like the perfect solution, except National Conservation officials refused the relocation.

Photo: Facebook/Mufasa the White Lion

Photo: Facebook/Mufasa the White Lion


Instead they plan on auctioning off the rare lion to the highest bidding trophy hunter. Care2 states, “Instead, the rehab centre was told telephonically that Mufasa will be auctioned to raise funds for the department.” A petition was started to persuade The Minister of Environmental Affairs to send both lions to the sanctuary, not auctioned to trophy hunters.


The petition has over 167,000 signatures with over 4,000 coming from South Africa. Their goal of 170,000 signatures is nearly met. A video was created showing the majestic lion, Mufasa. It encourages people to sign the petition and help save Mufasa from being slaughtered by a trophy hunter. He deserves to live his life with his best friend.

Watch the video below and be sure to sign to save Mufasa.


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