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Toronto Company Will Pay “Cannabis Connoisseurs” $50 an Hour to Sample Different Weed Strains


Smoking marijuana and getting paid has gone beyond the mere utopia to becoming a manifested reality in present-day Canada. As the country becomes the first among the ‘Great Seven’ nations to legalize medical cannabis, a Toronto-based company has publicly announced its readiness to hire about 5 pot connoisseurs from across Canada to sample its medicinal marijuana merchandise.

$1’000 Monthly For Smoking Weed

AHLOT, the medicinal cannabis producing company has an attractive job offer of $1,000 a month for 5 “pot connoisseurs” who will sample its different breeds of marijuana. Ever since the Canadian Government’s legalization of medicinal cannabis in October 2017, the bud brain trust has made up the “cannabis curation committee” that is responsible for the feedback on quality and characteristics of the company’s sampled products.

This committee is set to regulate the several kinds of pot products that will be sampled in its pack which would consist of various pot breeds from licensed producers, according to the company’s official statement. The company further stated that the selected group’s scheduled “dance with the devil’s lettuce” will work on an hourly rate of $50 for about 16 hours monthly in addition to a $200 expense account.

These marijuana aficionados who happen to all be at least 19 years of age or above have also been encouraged to attend all of the company’s event (although this is not mandatory) and develop marijuana promotional contents with personal and collective videos to be shared on the various social media platforms.

Pot Jobs Could Soar Higher

According to a forecast report issued by Deloitte – a consultancy firm, the current development in the pot market could lead to the creation of as much as 150,000 jobs within the sector in the next few years. Canadian pot stocks have risen immensely in less than a year as a result of the legalization move of the government. This unprecedented surge has resulted in the recent economic boom cannabis is enjoying as well as the increased profit yields for investors in the sector.

Flirtations between Coca-Cola and Aurora

Aurora Cannabis Inc. which is one of the leading medicinal marijuana outfits in Canada has seen its stock prices surge upwards to a record high in recent times following BNN Bloomberg’s report on Coca-Cola’s talk with the marijuana producer about a possible merger that could see them jointly produce cannabis-infused beverages. This development was later played down by Aurora.

More Profit Means More Money to Hire Aficionados

The share prices for another licensed producer, Tilray Inc. also skyrocketed up to almost 147 percent to $297.12 in less than a couple of days. The recent go-ahead issued by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agency (DEA) to Nanaimo to export one of its medicinal cannabis products into the USA for clinical trials has further buoyed the company’s share above 400 percent over the past month.

The trajectory is clear: a myriad of pot-producing and marketing companies would now have more impetus – and liquid cash – to be ingenious and aggressive in their advertising and distribution drive. Surely, the days of having folks paid to try out different pot products are just beginning… it’s going to be a long ride indeed!


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