This epileptic 12-year-old girl wants cannabis legalized across America, and she’s prepared to sue for it!


Those being sued are the Department of Justice, the Drug Enforcement Agency and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to make it happen.

Alexis Bortell has had epilepsy since she was 7 years old, and all FDA-approved medications have failed to help her

Every day, she would have multiple seizures to the point that doctors thought brain surgery might be her only option.

Alexis has now gone two and a half years without experiencing any seizures after the move. To manufacture her medicine, her father has grown five acres of the plant in Colorado.

Now Alexis can’t return to her hometown of Texas because she can’t bring her medication

Cannabis continues to be classified by the federal government as a Schedule I substance, meaning that it has “no currently accepted medical use” and a “high potential for abuse,” despite all the evidence that is accumulating that contradicts this. Despite many efforts across America to legalize the plant, cannabis-related arrests are still high. This is thanks in part to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his campaign to demonize it.

The Government is already trying to get the suit thrown out, but they have been unsuccessful

Adam Foster, an attorney in Denver who represents businesses that sell cannabis products, is doubtful that the suit will be a success. He said, “Whenever you sue the government, the deck is really stacked against you.” Despite this, Foster believes that not even the federal government has the power to deny the medical benefits of cannabis for long.

There is opposition to the war that has been waged on cannabis by the federal government, and the lawsuit is one perfect example of this, especially when so many Americans are using it to treat their illnesses



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