Parents of disabled boy, four, hide out in controversial church and treat the child with potent CANNABIS OIL after ‘kidnapping’ him from hospital last month

  • Marc Steven and Cini Walker fled with their family to the Church of Ubuntu
  • The controversial Newcastle church is known for its pro-cannabis stance
  • The boy, four, is treated for cerebral palsy and epileptic seizures with cannabis
  • Disgraced doctor Andrew Katelaris prescribed four doses of potent oil per day 
  • Child’s parents say they will ‘never go back’ from the unconventional treatment

    In the hope of easing their disabled four-year-old son’s pain and reducing his seizures, Queensland parents Cini and Marc have fled to the Church of Ubuntu in Newcastle.

    The boy, who suffers from spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy hit headlines in April when his parents were accused of kidnapping him from Lady Cilento Hospital after he was admitted against their will.

    After being regular visitors to the controversial NSW church which prescribed him highly potent cannabis oil and an organic diet, the young family are now living there,Sunday Night reported.

The boy is being treated by de-registered doctor Andrew Katelaris, also known as Dr          Pot, who administers cannabis oil he makes in a secret room to the boy both orally and      through his feeding tube.

According to the Church of Ubuntu website, the organisation is a: ‘church and wellness        community that focuses on total health and diet, using natural plant based alternative        healing methods’.

    Church leader BJ Futter admits giving the youngster cannabis oil is ‘totally illegal’, but        says he has seen the plant help patients with epilepsy, diabetes and skin cancer.

Parents Cini Walker (left) and Marc Steven (right) believe they are doing the best they can for their son, who suffers severe cerebral palsy and epileptic seizures

    Mr Futter says his ‘conscience’ qualifies him to give the child cannabis.

    The four-year-old was being treated at the Church of Ubuntu by Andrew Katelaris, who      was de-registered as a doctor after injecting black market cannabis oil into two women        to help treat their ovarian cancer.

    Mr Katelaris says his use of cannabis oil as a medical aid is ‘experimenting’.

    ‘All of it is experimenting. Right? How can it be anything other? Of course it’s                      experimenting,’ he said.

    But when questioned further as to whether he was experimenting on the four-year-old        entrusted to him, the former doctor stuttered out a ‘no’.

    Under Mr Katelaris’ care, the boy had four doses of highly potent cannabis oil per day.        The oil contains THC, the ingredient which gives off a high.

Andrew Katelaris (pictured) is the 'chief medical advisor' of the health cult Church of Ubuntu

Cini says the high helps him to block out any pain he may be feeling, but doesn’t consider her child to be high or stoned.

She says without Mr Futter, she would be ‘one son down’.

The boy’s organic diet of ‘whole, nutritious foods’ saw him drop from 22 kilograms to 11 kilograms in a month, leaving doctors alarmed for his safety.

Marc and Cini have no intention of ceasing their unconventional treatment of the youngster.

Prior to the cannabis treatment, his parents claim he was having up to 100 seizures a day – a number which they claim has drastically reduced since.

‘We’re not turning back. There’s no way,’ she said.

‘That’s why we’ll keep fighting, because, you know, we know… think, and they think we’re wrong.

‘We don’t care what other people think. Like, we’ve seen the worst of [my son]. It’s completely different you know, to see him now.’



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