How Celebrity Parents Are Dealing With The Challenges Of Autism


Autism Spectrum Disorder, also known as ASD, is a very widespread, yet a little-known subject. fathering kids with autism is a big responsibility and it requires strength and love. Celebs with autistic babies are often open about their stories. Toni Braxton is a great example of that, as well as Gary Cole, who with great love has raised his wonderful daughter with ASD. Joe Mantegna and Mia Mantegna have an overwhelming and inspiring story of how Joe`s Mantegna daughter became a part of the society. Jacqueline Laurita, who is famous for real housewives (RHONJ) has her own incredible story of raising an autistic baby. Disability is not an issue for these celebrities who have autistic children, it is rather a special gift that is needed to be accepted with the greatest love. Watch our video to find out the touching stories of the celebrity children with autism and their wise and strong parents of autistic kids. And also to have a wider perspective on the subject of parenting an autistic child.


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