Croatia Man Beats Lung Cancer w/ Cannabis Oil


A January 2014 story on a Croation news station detailed the story of a 38 year old man, referred to as Mark for confidentially reasons, fighting non-small cell lung cancer. He was given four to six months to live, with a maximum of twelve months if fortunate. Mark initially used chemotherapy and radiation, which left him in a state that “you can not even call human.” His face was destroyed, his upper lip swollen, tissue was falling off his fingers, and his skin was overly soft. The pain was especially devastating, and three times a day, Mark thought of killing himself. Despite the barrage of conventional treatments, a further medicalcheck revealed the cancer had doubled. After the news, Mark stopped the treatments and began using cannabis oil. He immediately began feeling better, and earlier pains disappeared. A month into treatment, Mark began spitting out sizable amounts dark matter which was confirmed as cancerous. After three months, the cancer was no longer visible on X-rays.


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